from the Esperanto language, meaning root (of trees, etc.).

RADIKO lives to expose how the injustices in our societies and ecologies share the same roots: a distorted value system–set by a powerful few– in which money and capital are prioritized over life (all species and the earth). While RADIKO does not view one crisis as more ‘important’ than the rest– as they all share a root and cause deep harms in their respective social and eco communities– it recognizes that climate change is both time sensitive and has the capacity to exacerbate injustices across all fields. RADIKO strives to draw out the connections between these injustices, in particular highlighting how climate change will affect different struggles.

RADIKO envisions an inclusive climate justice movement led for and by those who are most impacted by climate change, rooted on a shared value system that honors life.

RADIKO lives to connect you to the climate justice movement and offer support and ideas as to how you can take climate action.

RADIKO is a truth that many have witnessed in their lived experiences, felt and carried in their guts, and/or studied and written about across several different fields. RADIKO as the site you are visiting currently, or a RADIKO workshop you may attend, was planted as a seed in 2009, continually fed water and soil, and finally sprouted in 2015.


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